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Ferrocene, Acetyl- 1271-55-2

Ferrocene, acetyl- CAS:1271-55-2 is the organoiron compound with the formula (C5H5)Fe(C5H4COMe). It consists of ferrocene substituted by an acetyl group on one of the cyclopentadienyl rings. It is an orange, air-stable solid that is soluble in organic solvents.

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    Name: Ferrocene, acetyl-

    Other name: 1-Acetylferrocene; Acetylferrocene; Monoacetylferrocene

    CAS: 1271-55-2

    EINECS: 215-043-2

    MF: C12H12FeO

    MW: 108.14

    M.P.: 81-83oC

    Purity: 90% (DMF)

    Appearance: orange crystal powder

    Package: 100g; 250g; 1Kg; 5Kg, bulk package

     Specifications of Acetylferrocene.jpg

    Ferrocene, acetyl- CAS:1271-55-2 is the organoiron compound with the formula (C5H5)Fe(C5H4COMe). It consists of ferrocene substituted by an acetyl group on one of the cyclopentadienyl rings. It is an orange, air-stable solid that is soluble in organic solvents.

    Acetylferrocene is prepared by Friedel-Crafts acylation of ferrocene, usually with acetic anhydride (Ac2O):

    Fe(C5H5)2 + Ac2O → (C5H5)Fe(C5H4Ac) + HOAc

    The experiment is often conducted in the instructional laboratory to illustrate acylation as well as chromatographic separations.

    Acetylferrocene can be converted to many derivatives, e.g., reduction to the chiral alcohol (C5H5)Fe(C5H4CH(OH)Me) and precursor to vinylferrocene. The oxidized derivative, acetylferrocenium, is used as a 1e-oxidant in the research laboratory.

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