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1-Methylnaphthalene CAS: 90-12-0

1-Methylnaphthalene CAS: 90-12-0

Identifications: Name: 1-Methylnaphthalene Other name: α- m ethylnaphthalene ; alpha- m ethylnaphthalene CAS: 90-12-0 MF: C11H10 MW: 142.20 BP: 240~243ºC Density(g/mL,25/4℃) : 1.02 Appearance: colorless oily liquid with a smell similar to naphthalene Purity: 9 8 %min.(HPLC) Package: 100g, 1Kg,...

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    Name: 1-Methylnaphthalene

    Other name: α-methylnaphthalene;alpha-methylnaphthalene

    CAS: 90-12-0

    MF: C11H10

    MW: 142.20



    Appearance: colorless oily liquid with a smell similar to naphthalene

    Purity: 98%min.(HPLC)

    Package: 100g, 1Kg, 5Kg, Bulk package

    Availability: in stock

    Annual output :2000 tons/year

    Applications: organic synthesis. Used in organic synthesis, as printing and dyeing carrier, heat carrier, plasticizer.


    1-Methylnaphthalene CAS:90-12-0 is used as raw material for organic synthesis of surfactant, water reducer, dispersant and so on.A standard fuel used to determine the octane number and cetane number of diesel oil and also used in organic synthesis.

    1-Methylnaphthalene is also named as α-methylnaphthalene;alpha-methylnaphthalene.It can be used in printing and dyeing carrier of polyvinyl chloride fiber and polyester fiber, emulsifier of hexachloroethylene, heat carrier and solvent, surfactant, sulfur extractant, and also used as raw material for producing plasticizer and fiber dyeing aid.

    1-Methylnaphthalene has been supplying from UCHEM in large quantity with competitive price.

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