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One Package 7-Chloro-1-tetrlone 26673-32-5 Delivered To WuXiAppTec
- Apr 22, 2018 -

7-Chloro-1-tetrlone CAS: 26673-32-5 500g was sent out to WuXiAppTec last week.

Package of 7-chloro-1-tetralone.jpg

The following analogues of 7-chloro-1-tetrlone are also available from warehouse.

7-Bromo-1-tetralone CAS: 32281-97-3

7-Methyl-1-tetralone CAS: 22009-37-6

7-Methoxy-1-tetralone  CAS: 6836-19-7

If you have needs, please contact with UCHEM, who could supply the above chemical with large quantity.