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4-BroMo-9H-carbazole 3652-89-9

4-BroMo-9H-carbazole 3652-89-9

Identifications: Name: Carbazole, 4-bromo-;9H-Carbazole, 4-broMo-;4-BroMo-9H-carbazole (4BC) CAS: 3652-89-9 EINECS: 810-963-6 MF: C12H8BrN MW: 246.10262 Melting point: 104-105℃ Appearance: white powder Purity: 98%min Package: 100g 1kg 5kg 10kg 25kg Availability: In stock Applications:...

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    Name:Carbazole, 4-bromo-;9H-Carbazole, 4-broMo-;4-BroMo-9H-carbazole (4BC)

    CAS: 3652-89-9

    EINECS: 810-963-6

    MF:  C12H8BrN


    Melting point:104-105℃

    Appearance: white powder

    Purity: 98%min

    Package:100g 1kg 5kg 10kg 25kg

    Availability: In stock

    Applications: Intermediate of liquid crystal material

    3652-89-9 1

    Carbazole, 4-bromo- Liquid crystals are states (or compounds) having both fluidity
    like liquids and long range order like crystals.9H-Carbazole, 4-broMo- To be specific, liquid
    crystalline states involve an ordered molecular orientation but they partially or fully lack positional orders of gravity center in the arranged molecules compared to normal crystal states.
    Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals are two main classes of liquid crystals.4-BroMo-9H-carbazole (4BC) The former liquid crystalline phase appears by changing temperature, and the latter phase appears by changing solution concentration of amphiphilic compounds, etc.

        CAS:890042-13-4 4,4,5,5-TetraMethyl-2-(3-triphenylen-2-yl-phenyl)-[1,3,2]dioxaborolane 

        CAS:19111-87-6 2-bromobenzo[9,10]phenanthrene 

        CAS:55135-66-5 9-Bromo-9-phenylfluorene

        CAS:61921-39-9 4-Bromobenzo[A]Anthracene 61921-39-9

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